Study Shows +34% Spinal Mobility with SPINEFITTER

Study Shows +34% Spinal Mobility with SPINEFITTER

Study Shows +34% Spinal Mobility with SPINEFITTER

In 2022 SISSEL conducted a study to highlight the physical effects of using their new product, the SPINEFITTER. This study focused on the mobility of the spine, neck, and shoulders, and whether the SPINEFITTER could relieve pain and tension in those areas. Meet this innovative new product and discover the study results.

Key Takeaways

  • The SPINEFITTER is a new, innovative product designed to reduce pain and promote muscle strength

  • A study of the effectiveness of the SPINEFITTER showed that participants experienced less pain and more mobility after 6 weeks of using the tool

  • Preventative and rehabilitative measures can be greatly aided with the use of the SPINEFITTER

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What is the SPINEFITTER?

The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® is an innovative new tool designed to ease tension, enhance mobility, and promote muscle strength in the shoulder-neck area and along the spine.

Designed to balance the energy and nervous systems, the 28 interconnected balls of the SPINEFITTER specifically target the tissue surrounding the spine to help decrease blockages and promote mobility. By supporting joint positions and challenging your balance and proprioceptive awareness, this intuitive tool releases new stimuli to your spine.

The SPINEFITTER would be an asset in physical therapy and rehabilitation as well as an effective training tool to enhance personal workouts and performance.

A Study of the Effects of the SPINEFITTER


SISSEL conducted a medical efficiency study to observe the effects of the SPINEFITTER on the mobility of the spine and shoulders, on shoulder-neck tension, and shoulder-neck pain. The study's results were intended to showcase the practical uses and benefits of the SPINEFITTER for users, the influence it had on spinal mobility, and particularly its effect on the mobility of the thoracic spine and the shoulders. It also investigated how much training was needed to reduce perceived neck tension and pain.



For 6 weeks, SISSEL worked with 12 physical therapists and recruited 180 volunteers with general back pain, shoulder/arm pain, neck tension, and non-specific neck pain for this study. The volunteers went through a weekly 30-minute guided group class and were given a 10-minute home exercise program for independent practice at home to be done twice a week.

Before the training, physical therapists and certified sports instructors took measurements and documentation of each participant; this process was repeated upon the end of the 6-week training period. Additionally, measurements were to be taken once again after a 6-week period with no training at all.



After the 6 weeks of training, the participants experienced significant improvements in the mobility of the spine and shoulders, particularly in the flexion, extension, rotations, and lateral flexion of the cervical spine and in rotation of the thoracic spin and shoulder joints. The following are the average percentages of the measured improvements:

  • 12% in general mobility
  • 21% in thoracic spine rotations
  • 34% in general mobility of the entire spine
  • 22% in mobility of the shoulder joints across all movements

Overall, the participants reported fewer restrictions in the range of activities and a significant reduction in their emotional stress.

The third test after a 6-week training break was only carried out by a few participants due to the Corona pandemic measures. Though taken from a smaller pool of participants, the improvement effects in all examined areas were confirmed here as well.

Further studies for clinical and sports applications are planned for the future.

SPINEFITTER Introduction Video


The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® is an innovative tool that has been proven to relieve neck and shoulder pain, as well as increase mobility of the spine. As Shown in the medical study, consistent use of the SPINEFITTER is an easy way to improve functional limitations of the spine and shoulder joints in preventative and rehabilitation settings.

Purchase a SPINEFITTER for your clinic to begin your patients’ journeys to less spinal, neck, and shoulder pain and more mobility! It’s a useful tool for manual therapy in the clinic and continued patient exercises at home.




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