Top 10 Products for Your Physiotherapy Clinic

Top 10 Products for Your Physiotherapy Clinic

Top 10 Products for Your Physiotherapy Clinic

Working in a physiotherapy clinic? You want to ensure the products you are providing your patients are dependable and impactful. Sometimes that means paying a bit more for a quality product, but in many cases, that means it will pay off in the long run with more uses and durability. Do you have everything you need for your patients? When determining what to order next, check out the ten products below to add to your physiotherapy clinic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how the top products in the physiotherapy industry will supplement your clinic.
  • Find out what products are trending in physiotherapy clinics.
  • Discover how to improve your physiotherapy clinic with products that make a difference.

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Why Your Products Matter

Top 10 Products for Your Physiotherapy Clinic

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Why Your Products Matter

Performance Health helps people feel good, perform better and live their best. In order to do that, we rely on clinicians like you to offer your patients the best, most effective products on the market. In this article, we’ll explain how each of our top 10 products for your physiotherapy clinic can help you continue having positive patient outcomes. After all, we’re passionate about achieving results, and we’re sure you are too.

Top 10 Products for Your Physiotherapy Clinic

1. THERABAND® Non-Latex Resistance Bands

Made with the Original Trusted Progression™ System, THERABAND resistance bands are available in 25-yard (22.6m) and 50-yard (45.7m) length rolls and range in resistance from 3 – 12.4 lbs. depending on which option you select. The resistance bands are designed to help users rehabilitate injuries, improve functional living, and enhance athletic performance. By offering this product in rolls, therapists can cut the bands accordingly for each patient. THERABAND has been a trusted leader worldwide for progressive elastic resistance exercise products for over 40 years. The non-latex version is the perfect choice for your clinic if you have patients with latex sensitivities.

theraband resistance band

2. Thera-P Bariatric Bobath Table

This treatment and examination table is built to support any patient up to 650 pounds. It is height-adjustable, so you can accommodate for both patients and yourself during treatment. With a four-cushion top configuration, this table makes it easy to position patients comfortably. Plus, each cushion has a wipe-clean surface, so it’s simple to sanitize between patients.

maerrithew pilates rehab studio 1 bundle

3. Total Gym Encompass PowerTower

Whether you need to offer high-performance athletic training, conditioning, or rehabilitation for your patients, the PowerTower can help. Built with an adjustable design, the Encompass PowerTower supports up to 650 lbs. and accommodates users measuring 6’10” in height. Use it to rehab multiple muscle groups at once with over 200 exercises covering everything from Pilates to resistance training.

total gym encompass powertower

4. Hydrocollator Heating Units

Offer moist heat therapy with a unit that has an electric draining system designed to easily replace water. Sold with an option that has hot packs included, the Chattanooga M-2 Hydrocollator is made of high -quality stainless steel with 3" swivel-type casters for easy movement in the clinic.

richmar hydratherm

5. Tri W-G Motorized Height & Width Parallel Bars

The Tri W-G Motorized Height & Width Parallel Bars have a non-slip mat platform base to ensure stability while promoting proper gait training and rehabilitative support. It offers easily adjustable height and width, with the ability to accommodate patients up to 600 lbs. Help your patients regain their mobility with these parallel bars.

tri w-g motorized height and width parallel bars

6. THERABAND Kinesiology Tape

A water-resistant kinesiology tape, the Xact Stretch hexagons indicate when the tape has been stretched to standard benchmarks of 0%, 25%, and 50%. This allows for an easier and faster application, knowing you’ve got the right amount of stretch for your patient. The latex-free tape can be used for joint support, muscle support, neurologic effects, and circulatory effects. The tape can be bought in precut strips or as a roll and comes in a variety of fun colors.

theraband kinesiology tape

7. THERABAND PRO Exercise Balls

Ideal for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, THERABAND exercise and stability balls provide comfortable, low-impact workouts suitable for all fitness levels. Easy to clean and deflate, the exercise balls are designed to help improve body posture, coordination, cardio endurance, strength, muscle tone, and balance. Choose from a variety of sizes to fit different patient heights and be sure to use a stacker to keep them from rolling all over your clinic.

theraband pro exercise balls

8. Plyoboxes

Space-saving and stackable, these plyoboxes are covered with ¾ in. of heavy rubber mat on top and constructed from welded steel. Available in various heights, the boxes can be used for plyometric exercises, improving leg power, vertical jump height, and speed. They’re a must-have for your PT clinic!


9. PHS Medical Wood Pass Through Staircases

Ideal for physiotherapy or rehab, this staircase allows patients to practice going up and down the stairs without turning. Featuring easy-to-grip hardwood handrails and anti-slip safety treads, this table ensures patient safety with every step so they can stay independent at home.

PHS Medical Wood Pass Through Staircase

10. Original Home Ranger Shoulder Pulley

The Original Home Ranger Shoulder Pulley can help those suffering from shoulder pain or who have had shoulder surgery, like rotator cuff repair, increase their range of motion. It’s the first over door pulley exerciser to incorporate a non-slip safety feature with a door-anchoring web strap. Plus, it's easy to store without taking up much space.

original home ranger shoulder pulley


Whether you already have a flourishing clinic or are just getting started, Performance Health is here to help you every step of the way. We exist to support patient recovery by providing solutions for clinicians that will enable positive patient outcomes and lower the chances of a costly readmission. As your trusted partner, we add value so you can focus on what matters the most – your patients.

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